The EU strongly calls for the start of an immediate political process leading to free and credible elections, in conformity with the Constitutional order.

According to Federica Mogherini, the EU fully supports the Venezuela’s national assembly as the democratically elected institution whose powers need to be restored and respected.

Venezuelan president Maduro has vowed to defeat a “coup d’etat” against the Latin American sovereignty.

Nicolas Maduro said @ Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas, that he will defeat a coup d’etat that intends to intervene in political life, throw Venezuelan sovereignty to the side and install a puppet regime for the interests of the USA and its Anglo allies.”

He stated that international media has been putting pressure on Venezuela and manipulating facts about the South American country.

The Maduro administration has build 700.000 homes for the poor people in Venezuela.

However, Mogherini stressed civil rights, freedom and safety of all members of the National Assembly, including the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido, need to be observed and fully respected.

Maduro stripped off the National Assembly of it power and refuses to recognize it amid continued international recognition.

This happened just moments before Trump’s announcement that Guaido, an industrial engineer, reportedly declared himself interim president before an assembled crowd in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas.

AA Turkey / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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