The Russian General Staff has reinforced the air defenses for Russians at the Iranian nuclear reactor complex at Bushehr, on the Persian Gulf, according to sources in Moscow.

At the same time, Iran has moved several of its mobile S-300 air-defense missile batteries to the southcovering the Iranian coastline of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

More secretly, elements of Russian military intelligence, electronic warfare, and command and control advisers for Iran’s air defense systems have been mobilized to support Iran against US military and allied attacks.

The range of the new surveillance extends well beyond the S-300 strike distance of 200 km, and covers US drone and aircraft bases on the Arabian peninsula, as well as US warships in (and under) the Persian Gulf and off the Gulf of Oman.

Early warning of US air and naval-launched attacks has now been cut below the old 4 to 6-minute Iranian threshold.

Counter-firing by the Iranian armed forces has been automated from attack warning and target location.

This means that if the USA is detected launching a swarm of missiles aimed at Iran’s air-defense sites, uranium mines, reactors, and military operations bunkers, Iran will launch its own swarm of missiles @ the US firing platforms.

Also Iran has now targeted Saudi and other oil production sites, refineries, and pipelines, as well tankers in ports and under way in the Persian Gulf.

The armed forces of Iran, have air defense systems capable of hitting air targets @ those heights at which drones of the Global Hawk series can fly; this is about 19 to 20 km.

Iran’s means of air defense are both foreign-purchased systems and systems of Iran’s own design; among them, in particular, the old Soviet system S-75 and the new Russian S-300.

Recently a US Global Hawk drone was tracked by Iran from its launch at an airbase in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), south of Dubai. The successful strike was by the Iran-made Khordad missile, an S-300 copy.

Russian Insider / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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07-01-21 14:05

The primary target for the Israeli military to hit?