The Dutch Colonial Arbitrary Financial Supervision Council @ Curacao believes that the Government in Fort Amsterdam should focus more on reducing spending and less on increasing income from the tax evading tourism industry.

The explanatory notes to the budget estimate show that positive developments in tourism are expected, and that shutting down the refinery will no longer have a major effect in 2020?

But on the other hand the measures taken by the government in the context of the designation will have a negative effect on consumer spending.

Since the PAR start controlling the politics in 1993, unemployment and poverty have risen through the roof, leading to a massive deportation, empowered by KLM, of local born citizens to Amsterdam.

During the same period 25.000 new, of the total 75.000 houses were build leading to an increase of the general population. This arrested development favored the few, whom are now also exploiting the islands natural resources to profit from.

Human trafficking is one of the pillars for the creation of mass tourism, that completely invaded and annexed the islands public properties, such as beaches and former rural slave driver houses.

Now, the increase in excise duties and the introduction of the ABB will lead to rising inflation in 2019 and 2020, “said the Cft in response to the adjusted budget for the current year.

It is therefore advisable to place greater emphasis in future budgets on spending-restricting measures.

In the explanatory memorandum, the government mentions a number of risks in the budget estimate, such as the multi-year effect of the closure of the local $5 billion refinery.

The refugee problem from Venezuela and the uncertain effect of the intended increase in tax revenues. Selling government (read public) properties looks to be the only way out, meaning more disastrous privatization plans to impoverish the local born islanders.

But the fact remains that the thousands of enslaved migrants from Latin America are mostly men working in the construction business, while the women work as entertainers in pleasure industry for invasive community networks to profit from?

However, the adjusted government budget for this year is conclusive, but according to the Cft does not comply with the budgetary instruction that the Rhuggenaath Cabinet received from the Kingdom Council of Ministers in this year.

Under the physical cover of the Dutch military forces on the island, the Cft states that there is insufficient compensation for the deficits from 2017 and 2018 (175.3 million guilders).

The draft budget compensates for only 117.7 million guilders in deficits over the period described in the instruction. Curacao needs to adjust the sales tax (OB) to comply with the instruction,” says the Cft.

ABC Flash Point Democratic News 2019.

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30-01-20 22:35

Signs of repression and fascist dictatorship?

24-12-20 12:35

So, they tell you what to do, in order for Curacao to be responsible for the Dutch colonial decisions??

Reply to  baronmaya
27-10-21 12:12

It may be the definition of a dictatorship?

24-03-21 13:12

Just tools to eliminate the autonomous status all over again?