The US military has been airlifting food, medical supplies and other products to a Colombian border town despite President Maduro blocking the way for their delivery to Venezuela.

The US-backed self proclaimed dictator Juan Guaido has declared 23 February as the day humanitarian aid would enter Venezuela.

The best thing the Trump administration can offer to Venezuela is military aggression, with Brazil as the headquarters for the humanitarian invasion?

Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Areaza, accused Donald Trump for threatening the country with military aggression, violating the UN Charter.

Trump’s plea came at a time when US humanitarian aid to Venezuela has amassed at the country’s border with Colombia. The supplies were delivered by three US Air Force C-17 aircraft, each capable of transporting up to 100 troops and 80 tonnes of cargo.

Venezuela has now also closed it maritime borders with the Dutch colonies @ the ABC-Islands.

So far Venezuela, which is going through a sharp economic and constitutional crisis, has been receiving enough humanitarian aid from counties that supported the current government such as China, Cuba, and Russia.

Russia and China, among a spate of other nations, say that they recognize Maduro as Venezuela’s only legitimate president.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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28-02-20 18:30

Not even that is in the range of capabilities anymore? Only foul play and bio-warfare are the answers right now?