Hostile activists have reportedly set the Iranian consulate building in the Iraqi city of Najaf on fire for the second time in a week as organized violent protests rock Iraq’s southern regions.

Protesters, mostly young people, have reportedly accused the Iraqi elites of being corrupt and serving the interests of foreign powers, while the country is plagued by endemic poverty and mass unemployment.

American oil companies in Iraq have been exporting record amounts of the black gold to its customers around the world, while US military defends the refineries in Iraq.

The situation prompted the authorities to declare a curfew in Najaf province. The media reported that at least 45 demonstrators had been shot dead by security forces and 152 others had been injured during violent protests in the south of Iraq and the country’s capital of Baghdad.

Demonstrations continued in Basra and Nasiriyah, where the largest oilfields are located. In Kut, Basra, Hilla and Najaf, the protesters held peaceful sit-in demonstrations.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Abdul Kamani
Abdul Kamani
31-12-20 13:58

Now, who wants Iran out of Iraq?

Trevor Fortune
Trevor Fortune
Reply to  Abdul Kamani
07-12-21 07:47

Mossad and CIA?