NATO officials have long accused Pakistan of harboring, training and equipping the Taliban and other liberation groups staging attacks against the Western supported regime in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The 15-year War in Afghanistan has big dimensions. This is not the Western war only. There are over 20 different Afghan liberation groups in the region protecting the Afghanistan people and the country’s assets, including the lucrative poppy trade.

Former CIA director and now U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo now also accused Tehran this week of supporting the Taliban with weapons and funding, leading to further violence.

The new confrontation pointed @ Tehran might lead to a possible armed proxy conflict between the US military forces stationed @ the Farah province in Afghanistan bordering with Iran.

The Farah province shares borders with restive Helmand and Nimroz provinces, and according to local media many Taliban behind the surge in fighting have arrived from Helmand due to the intensive “security” operation there.

The prospect of Iran’s greater involvement in the Afghan commodity crisis to the extent that Tehran could help the Taliban enter a major city such as Farah has sent shock waves across the war-weary NATO mercenaries.

In a rare outcry, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani publicly criticized Afghanistan’s dam development project at a conference on sandstorms in Tehran last year. We cannot remain silent about the thing which is apparently damaging our environment.

Establishment of several dams in Afghanistan such as Kajaki, Kamal Khan and Salma in the north and south of Afghanistan threatens a number of bordering provinces in Iran.”

The dams are needed to support electricity to Western corporations projects, which are digging and mining for an estimated $7 trillion in highly valued minerals located in Afghanistan.

On average basis, up to 80% of our around 70 billion cubic meters of water are flowing to Iran, Pakistan and the Central Asian countries. Iran is one of the neighbors which receives much water from Afghanistan’s two water zones, Helmand and Harirrod.

Iran claims that the India-Afghanistan Friendship Dam in Herat, as well as other water management and irrigation projects in Afghanistan (such as in the Helmand and Harirod-Murghab river basins) are blamed for negative environmental impacts in Iran.

There is a tremendous increase of activity by Iran in Afghanistan since several years. However, according to NATO, there is also an increasingly changing perception among the Afghans about Iran’s role in the mineral-rich country.

It becomes more obvious that Washington’s so-called development projects in Afghanistan are mainly serving American economic interests as well as to gain political leverage.

Furthermore, it also becomes more and more apparent that the USA is engaged in de-constructive activities, like the production and trade of drugs conducted by the CIA, adding that NATO is closely involved in Kabul’s collaboration with the Americans.

The Defense Post / ABC Flash Point Mineral Deposit News 2018.

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