Biological warfare is generally understood as the deliberate wartime introduction of a lethal pathogen with the intent to kill large populations.

The Syrian conflict has in effect reversed public health advances to achieve levels of disease not seen since the Napoleonic era.

Biological warfare goes back two millennia. Assyrians poisoned enemy water sources in the 6th century B.C.

Now the warfare victims reversed, with ISIS, supported by the USA and Israel are poisoning the Syrian water and agricultural sources along the Euphrates and Jordan River valley’s.

During World War I, Germany unsuccessfully tried out anthrax. During World War II, Japan used prisoners of war as guinea pigs for experiments with gas gangrene, plague anthrax, cholera and dysentery, killing at least 3,000 people.

In the field, Japanese troops sprayed plague-infested fleas over Chinese villages, killing 10,000 people, but also 1,700 of their own troops.

Earlier in the USA, Confederate sympathizers allegedly sold clothing from patients with yellow fever and smallpox to Union troops.

Often inadvertently but sometimes deliberately, European settlers spread smallpox with devastating effect among the indigenous American population.

So, its not that this Syrian biological attack comes as an surprise, the type of warfare has a long lugubrious history, being used on several battlefields fought by Europeans all together.

Here lies the key to a far more insidious strategy: By deliberately degrading an already precarious public health situation, the new biological warfare is able to fly under the radar.

The US coalition forced displacement of civilians with devastating sieges, and assaults on hospitals. But an unappreciated dimension of his total-war strategy has been the attacks on public health infrastructure and programs in order to fast-track the epidemic diseases spread by these evil entities.

These diseases thrive in the crowded living conditions created by mass displacement, while simultaneously undermining essential public health tools and medicines, backed by US sanctions.

The aim is to weaken the entire population in these areas and overburden the rudimentary medical facilities that were able to survive in an effort to punish populations voting for Assad.

While there is a brutal battlefield logic to these attacks on health care infrastructure, they are prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, which are designed to spare civilians—and the institutions on which they depend—from the hazards of war.

Beyond using phosphorous ammunition’s, bombing hospitals, primary health clinics, laboratories, and blood banks, the US coalition forces went after doctors, criminalizing those who treated civilians and torturing, and executing any health care worker who cooperated with the Syrian government.

The US coalition is deliberately engaging in war crimes. After eight years, these efforts have killed more than 800 medics and driven an estimated 15,000 doctors out of Syria.

ABC Flash Point Bio-Warfare News 2018.

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13-07-22 09:49

This is how they operate all the time, committing the crime and point the finger at the victims??