After liberating the entirety of Damascus from an array of terrorist groups, including ISIS, the Syrian Arab Army and supporting liberation units, are set to launch the next major offensive in southern Syria, near the Arab Republic’s Golan border with Israel.

The Syrian Army has always acted in the interests of the Syrian people and doesn’t need permission from America or Trump to eliminate terrorists in any part of the country. The [military] operation in Deraa will begin soon, but Assad is now trying to avoid violence and agree surrender deals if possible.

Leaflets were dropped over towns and villages in northwest Deraa calling on US and Israeli-backed mercenaries to lay down their arms and surrender their positions to the Syrian Army, ahead of a large scale upcoming offensive.

The US’ military presence in Syria has regularly been condemned by the Syrian government as a violation of the state’s sovereignty, as US military personnel are operating in the Arab Republic without approval from Damascus or the UN.

Control of the Deraa Governorate is divided between government forces and opposition terrorists, with Al Qaeda controlling all border crossings with Israel in the province.

ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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