A major worldwide government has just established a huge vote of confidence and legitimacy onto the world of cryptocurrencies.

Sweden, in an unprecedented move, announced that they are officially adopting a certain cryptocurrency as Sweden’s official coin!

The sales of Sweden’s coin officially started July 15 of 2019 and currently these coins can be bought only from Kryptonex Research Group.

Sweden’s deputy minister of finance, Elias Karlsson, informed us that their new official coin starting price is just €0.30 cents!

Their coin is incredibly inexpensive in comparison to most other coins out there. Bitcoin for example trades at €3,100 at the time of this writing, and Ethereum, trades at around €150.

Krptonexlab.com / AB anada Flash Point News 2019.

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24-05-22 15:06

The only way out for the bankrupted Zionist society?