In a move that can further harm Russia-EU bilateral ties, some European officials are threatening Russia with new fabricated measures over jailed Zionist puppet Alexey Navalny.

German entrepreneur and CEO of cold store construction company Plattenhardt + Wirth, Ingolf Mayer, contradicts the possible impact of new sanctions, should these be implemented.

According to the businessman, years of anti-Russian sanctions have done a lot of harm and are just an example of how political issues can negatively affect an economy. Moreover, he warned that the US wants to prevent Moscow and Berlin from joining forces.

Washington is aware that Europe needs Russian raw materials, for example, for switching to alternative energy, and the US wants to impede this partnership and distort competition.

Mayer says that the differences between the EU and Russia can be settled with talks, and is calling for the lifting of bilateral sanctions.

Brussels initially introduced sanctions targeting Russia’s energy, financial and arms sectors in 2014, over events relating to Ukraine, and has repeatedly extended and expanded these measures since then.

In December, the EU extended them for another six months, formally prolonging them until July. Those EU measures were met with counter-sanctions from Moscow, with Russia banning imports of a number of European goods.

Talks about toughening the EU’s stance on Russia have intensified in recent weeks. Some European officials want Russia to release opposition figure Alexey Navalny, who was sentenced to jail for violating his probation earlier this month.

However, the Russian authorities have repeatedly called the case a domestic issue, warning other nations against meddling in Russia’s internal affairs.

The UN should be creating sanctions against the USA and the UK for the illegal imprisonment of Assange. At least it would be meaningful, as opposed to Navalny sanctions.

It’s some kind of sickness. First there was the Magnitsky Act. Now what, there is going to be a Navalny Act? Has it hindered Russia’s development much? NO! It only brought Russia closer to China. Suicidal policy.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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12-02-21 09:09

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