In the current multi-polar world in which we live, economic and military factors are decisive in guaranteeing countries their sovereignty. Russia and China seem to be taking this very seriously, committed to the de-dollarization of their economies and the accelerated development of hypersonic weapons.

The transition phase we are going through, passing from a unipolar global order to a multi-polar one, calls for careful observation. It is important to analyze the actions taken by two world powers, China and Russia, in defending and consolidating their sovereignty over the long term.

Putin’s miracle weapons have proven to be game changers, forcing Anglo Zionist Nazi dictators to negotiate with Russia.

The special relationship between Moscow and Beijing has been forged by a shared experience of Washington’s pressure over the last 25 years.

The Sino-Russian strategy has shown itself over the last two decades to consist of two parts: economic clout on the one hand, and military technology on the other, the latter to ward off reckless American behavior.

Both de-dollarization and the development of hypersonic weapons serve the purpose of defending both countries’ sovereignty. Economic sovereignty entails, among other things, elimination of dependence on the US dollar, the abandonment of an international banking system based on the SWIFT payment system.

But, also he inclusion and increase in the share of the yuan in the basket of international currencies, the reduction of dollar-denominated public debt, the constant accumulation of gold.

And, of course, the elimination of any residual debt with international institutions like the IMF and World Bank, that are part of the world governance model controlled and manipulated by Washington for its own interests.

China and Russia, with strongly diversified economies, with treasuries chock full of gold, and with minimal public debt, leave very little room for international speculators to have an effect on their domestic economies with actions that amount to financial terrorism.

Hypersonic weapons have the crucial advantage of being able to hit mobile or fixed targets with unprecedented speed and power. The ability to obliterate in a matter of minutes a US Navy carrier group or ABM systems in Romania and Poland undoubtedly has a sobering effect on the US military.

With the use of hyper-sonic weapons (some already operational) and the sophisticated S-400 and S-500 defense systems, US naval and air power is being strongly challenged.

Together with nuclear weapons, even the Russian first- and second-strike capabilities become impossible for the US to overcome.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point Global News 2018.

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Jansen & de Jong
Jansen & de Jong
05-02-21 23:06

Time to pull the plug?