The Russian military police have started to patrol the area around the city of Manbij in Syria’s Aleppo governorate. The move follows Syrian government troops entering the area and is aimed at preventing hostilities.

The first patrol was performed by a Russian MP detachment this week. Footage from the scene shows the military policemen, in full combat gear, being briefed before the mission and then boarding their vehicles.

The deployment follows recent changes in the country, prompted by the abrupt US decision to withdraw from Syria that was announced by President Donald Trump in December 2018.

Later in December, leaders of Kurdish militias controlling the city of Manbij, which lies close to border with Turkey, struck a deal with Damascus, returning control of the area to the government and letting the Syrian troops move in.

The US military has been occupying 80% of the oil fields in the northeast of Syria.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Arab News 2019.

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29-11-20 19:51

The header shows images of ISIS and the USA military going on a joint mission?

10-01-21 23:44

The Euphrates River divides the front lines between the US military and ISIS, where the US oil giant ConocoPhillips occupies the Syrian oil fields.

Reply to  Niburu
10-01-21 23:45

But also the control of the water supply for agricultural purposes?