Russian airfreight carrier Aviastar-TU unveiled a new livery on one of its Tupolev Tu-204’s. Aviastar-TU launched scheduled flights from Hangzhou to Riga under a contract with On Time, a division of the Cainiao group.

Instead of the company’s traditional grey-orange livery, the aircraft is now sporting the white-blue colors of Cainiao Smart Logistics Network (Cainiao Network), the logistics arm of China’s Alibaba Group, together with the company’s name on the fuselage.

Currently the carrier operates a fleet of three Boeing 757-200F’s and four Tupolev Tu-204’s, two of which are owned by Russian Post and one, with tail number RA-64024, operates scheduled flights for the international express delivery company DHL.

News in Flight / AB anada Flash Point News 2019.

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