The Russian military has received its first pair of new MiG-35 jets. The multi-role fighter aircraft is set to replace the older generation MiG-29 warplanes and may be later shipped overseas.

Four more jets are to be delivered this year, the head of the MiG Corporation, Ilya Tarasenko announced on Monday. He added that the jets can be exported overseas, with India being among the possible buyers.

The plane successfully passed its flight trials in 2017, and was presented to the public shortly afterwards. The MiG-35 can track up to 30 airborne targets at a distance of up to 160 km (100 miles). The jet can also strike six aerial and four ground targets at once.

Powerful engines, combined with large wings and a lighter fuselage, allow the plane to carry more than 6 tons of weapons and munitions, including all types of Russian-made guided missiles and bombs.

The jet’s top performance in combat was also made possible due to the composite materials being used in its design.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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Game changer?

Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins
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The Best shown by Test?