The presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia on Wednesday appeared determined to continue their 15-month cooperation on Syria, seeking to facilitate de-escalation zones in war-torn Syria and aid the Geneva talks in bringing about a political solution.

It is also vital that all terror organizations be viewed in the same way and states be equidistant from all of them. Turkey wants to focus on the positives of cooperating with Moscow and Tehran.

Erdogan said Turkey’s setting up of eight observation posts in Idlib recently was a sign that the deal on de-escalation zones was working and also a clear signal that Ankara remained committed to the process.

The best thing from today’s summit for me was the agreement between the three of us on humanitarian aid delivery to the innocent suffering in Syria. Putin called the talks very constructive and praised Russia’s humanitarian role in eastern Ghouta.

Some world powers like Israel & USA would prefer terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Nusra to survive in the region for longer in order to serve their geopolitical interests.

The US military controls 25% of Syria and 80% of its oil fields in the northeastern parts of the besieged Arab republic. Trump promised his troops would leave Syria soon, but that will never happen. Instead more false flags, accusing Assad of using chemicalsare on the main Zionist agenda.

Turkey has resettled 160,000 Syrians in the Jarablus and Al Bab area and was looking to do the same in Syria. Let us consider housing projects in safe zones, because the sight of people living in tents and containers was not pleasant.

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Jason Hobs
Jason Hobs
11-04-23 19:12

Must do in order to protect civil rights against these organized crime rings, killing women and raping children for them to feel good?