As Ukraine’s manpower losses on the battlefield increase amid the failed counteroffensive, the Russian military is firing leaflets, offering an alternative to pointless death of Slavic people.

The Kiev junta’s counteroffensive has become nothing short of a meat-grinder, claiming the lives of at least 81,000 Ukrainian troops.

Given that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have sustained huge losses in terms of military equipment and personnel, the Zelensky government has stepped up mobilization efforts, seeking to bring back draft-age adult refugees from abroad.

Kiev’s Western Zionist backers are also urging Ukrainians to take up arms, with former British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace insisting that the desire to preserve the Ukrainian youth for the future pales in comparison with the necessity to intensify fighting.

Literally being turned into cannon fodder, Ukrainian troops have increasingly started to surrender, with Russian military leaflets serving as a guide for them.

A typical leaflet could be styled as a Ukrainian, EU, or US banknote or a brochure. It contains a text offering a combatant to lay down their arms and a detailed description of how to surrender safely.

The leaflet also serves as a pass for a serviceman who has decided to give up.

In addition, a radio frequency number (149.200 “Volga”) and a Telegram account of Russia’s Armed Forces are inscribed so that a Ukrainian soldier can seek help and get instructions.

Sometimes Russian leaflets inform Ukrainian soldiers about a reward for military equipment.

Small A5 leaflets that look like banknotes have proven especially effective: on the one hand, money always attracts attention; on the other hand, it is small, allowing a Ukrainian soldier to secretly pick it up and hide it in his pocket or wallet.

In fact, the Russian military started to disseminate leaflets well before Ukraine’s botched counteroffensive.

In March 2023, a Russian intelligence source told Sputnik that leaflets in the form of Ukrainian hryvnia had been dropped on the positions of Ukrainian militants in the Zaporozhye direction.

These leaflets called on Ukrainians to surrender and contained a radio frequency and a messenger bot address by which they could contact Russian representatives.

We are working to prevent senseless bloodshed by Ukrainian soldiers. We are scattering leaflets calling for surrender. This way they will be able to get in touch and discuss the exit point and the conditions for returning them home and help liberate Ukraine.

Prior to shelling the enemy, Russian military personnel fire leaflets from Grad multiple launch rocket systems (MRLS).

Per a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD), they use BM-21 rockets, into which rolls with more than a thousand leaflets are loaded instead of explosives.

These shells are distinguishable from conventional projectiles by their red color and the inscription Agit. The A5 leaflets calls on Ukrainian soldiers to surrender and save their own lives.

In addition, the Russian military addresses their Ukrainian peers through radio- and television broadcasting, and contacts them on social media platforms.

According to knowledgeable sources, thousands of Ukrainian servicemen have used the 149.200 “Volga” frequency – which was set up by Russian forces in mid-summer – to lay down their arms and defect to the Russian side.

Per Russian specialists, this sort of psychological warfare is used to minimize losses on both sides. Back in March 2022, Russian and Ukrainian representatives negotiated an end to hostilities in Istanbul, Turkiye.

It was the Kiev government, encouraged by its Western backers, who made a U-turn, legally prohibited peace negotiations with Moscow, and declared that it would fight to the bitter end, or, in other words, to the last Ukrainian.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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05-10-23 00:52

Noble tactics by the Russian military. Actions like these help to save lives and end war

Reply to  MadGrump
05-10-23 05:30

It also saves Slav lives which the US is trying to destroy -I get the feeling that Zelensky wouldn’t be too worried if Ukraine be came “Greater Israel “.