Russia’s Unmanned Vehicles company has created a prototype of the country’s first jet-powered FPV (first person view) Kamikaze drone of the K-5 aircraft type equipped with artificial intelligence and computer vision, in Moscow, the developer said last month.

We made the UAV jet-powered in order to get speed. The maneuvering capabilities allow it to move at such a speed.

In addition, the UAV is equipped with artificial intelligence and computer vision, it works within the framework of thermal signatures and within the framework of images, the developer said at a presentation at the All-Russia Exhibition Center, or VDNKh, in Moscow.

The drone is equipped with a turbojet power system that allows traveling up to 90 kilometers (56 miles).

The maximum speed of the device reaches 400 kilometers per hour (249 miles per hour), with the payload weight of 6 kilograms (13.2 pounds). Components and production, with the exception of the engine, are Russian-made.

Sputnik / ABC Flash-Point News 2023.

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22-05-23 16:28

Russia miles ahead in military development, the rest is playing catch up, with some not even having the design on the table?

Reply to  Jucabanrex
22-05-23 19:35

Totally correct Jucabanrex –while America struggles to catch up the overall shape and design play a big part in any high speed variable course plane or weapon especially a turbojet as extreme heat has to be taken account of in the electronic guidance system in a small compact area like a missile. –not an easy thing to do.

Meanwhile the USA by its arrogant and sanctioning actions has shot itself in the foot by putting off any worldwide potential design engineer graduates going to work there .