The G7 summit in Bavaria and the NATO summit in Madrid were supposed to announce the West’s punishment of the Kremlin for its special military operation in Ukraine.

But, if the image given was that of Western unity, the reality attests to their disconnection from reality, their loss of audience in the world and ultimately the end of their supremacy.

Sergey Lavrov used to compare the West to a wounded predator. According to him, it should not be provoked because it would be taken by madness and could break everything. It is better to accompany it to the graveyard.

The West does not see it that way. Washington and London are leading a crusade against Moscow and Beijing. They roar and are ready for anything. But what can they really do?

While the West is convinced that what is at stake is in Ukraine, the world sees it facing the Thucydides trap. Will international relations continue to be organized around them or will they become multi polar?

Will the peoples who have been subjugated until now break free and gain sovereignty? Will it be possible to think differently than in terms of global domination and to devote themselves to the development of each individual?

The West has devised a narrative of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine that overlooks their own actions since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

They have forgotten their signing of the Charter for European Security (also known as the OSCE Istanbul Declaration) and the way they violated it by making almost all the former members of the Warsaw Pact and some of the new post-Soviet states join one by one.

They have forgotten the way they changed the Ukrainian government in 2004 and the coup d’état by which they put Banderist nationalists in power in Kiev in 2014.

Having made a clean sweep of the past, they blame Russia for all the ills. They refuse to question their own actions and consider, at the time, they were forced into power. For them, their victories make the Law.

To preserve this imaginary narrative, they have already silenced the Russian media at home.No matter how much they claim to be democrats, it is better to censor dissenting voices before lying.

So they approach the Ukrainian conflict, without contradiction, by convincing themselves that they have the duty to judge alone, to condemn and sanction Russia.

By blackmailing small states, they managed to obtain a text from the UN General Assembly that seems to prove them right. They now plan to dismantle Russia as they did in Yugoslavia and tried to do in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

To do this, they began to isolate Russia from world finance and trade. They cut off its access to the SWIFT system and Lloyds, preventing it from buying and selling as well as transferring goods.

They thought this would cause its economic collapse. In fact, on June 27, 2022, Russia was unable to pay a debt of $100 million and the rating agency Mody’s declared it in default.

But this did not have the desired effect: everyone knows that the reserves of the Russian Central Bank are full of foreign currency and gold.

The Kremlin paid the 100 million, but could not transfer it to the West because of Western sanctions. It has placed them in an escrow account where they await their debtors.

Voltaire Part 1 of 3 / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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03-08-22 12:02

Sergey Lavrov is a Diplomat—-
America is run by Zionists many completely unstable and intent on the world domination of Israel as dictated by the Talmud.
Please read the UN-censored edition not the “rewrites ” .
Force is the only way to influence the US government -as Mr.Putin has found out -you live or die by your strength of character both as an individual and as a nation -bow down to none be not a servant who obeys their Master but as the “Lord ” of your own body and soul.