The Russian military is building a massive cloud to backup internet in the event of an cyber war. The cloud will be ready in two years and will allow Russia to survive in wartime, even they are totally disconnected.

The intent is for Russia to survive during a major world war, one in which they’d be cut off from everyone else. The “war cloud” will connect to the Russian military’s vast internal network.

Russia revealed the country was creating an “independent internet” at the end of last year, which would operate separately from the Domain Name System (DNS) used worldwide.

During a meeting of the Russian Security Council, officials discussed an initiative to create an alternative to the DNS, claiming the move could protect Russia and a handful of other nations in the event of a large-scale cyber attack.

The war cloud, which is being built at a cost of 390 million rubles ($6 million/ £4.5 million), will rely on data centers all over the country and the first one has purportedly already been completed in the military’s Southern District.

Russia is investing in military high-tech development, and especially in domestically produced software and hardware. The data centers working with this cloud are all made with ‘Russian components’.

Russia-Insider / AA Flash Point Military News 2018.

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