Putin makes prediction about Africa and says the continent will become one of the leaders of the emerging multi-polar world in the nearby future, as corporate colonialism also comes to and end.

Moscow is determined to continue building a strategic partnership with African nations, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, expressing confidence that the continent is set to become one of the leaders of the emerging multi polar world.


The president made the remarks at the International Parliamentary Conference ‘Russia – Africa in a multi-polar world,’ which kicked off in Moscow and brought together representatives of some 40 nations.

The conference comes ahead of the second Russia-Africa summit, which is scheduled to take place in St. Petersburg in July 2023.

African nations are continuously increasing their weight and role in international affairs, and are asserting themselves more and more confidently in politics and economy.


We are convinced that Africa will become one of the leaders in the emerging new multi-polar world order – all objective prerequisites for this exist.

Russia and African nations stand together against the Neo-colonial ideology imposed by certain powers in the world, Putin went on. Many states of Asia, the Middle East, and South America stand on similar positions, and together we make up the world majority.


Moscow is committed to continue building a strategic partnership with Africa, while multiple Russian state-owned and private companies are already actively investing into the continent, Putin stressed.

We are ready to jointly shape the global agenda, work together to strengthen fair and equal interstate relations, and improve mechanisms for mutually beneficial economic cooperation, describing African nations as Russia’s “friends in the full sense of this word.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Matues Gardin Passamani
Matues Gardin Passamani
21-03-23 21:53

The geopolitical Factions are shaping up and uniting in this way: 1. North America (USA and Canada), 2. Europe (from Portugal to Poland and Greece), 3. Nordic Lands (Iceland to Finland), 4. Great Britain (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales), 5. Africa (from South Africa to Egypt/Morocco/Libya), 6. South Americans (even from Mexico in North America to Argentina from north to south and from Chile to Brazil from west to east), 7. Middle East (all looking individual now, but in a few years to decades they will unite: new Turkey government changes soon to peacekeeper Oman/Yemen, the rebuilt Syria, renewed Saudi Arabia… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by APB1961Curacao
Matues Gardin Passamani
Matues Gardin Passamani
21-03-23 21:56

North America will not be established/strong, because their historical policy, strategic mistake towards Mexico. Israel will be isolated and left in “peace” from Palestine, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, which will look toward the east. As Turkey under new government soon will look toward the eastern allies and explore a future with the east. Australia and its nations immediately around will remain under the influence of these factions: North America Europe, Great Britain and Nordic factions. 10. Assyrian faction (Russia’s biblical name with the embraced Semite tribes, Middle Eastern and Asians): Russia’s will have its borders up to Poland, as it was… Read more »

5ft Eye
5ft Eye
21-03-23 21:58

Without Russia and China, we would still be living in slavery, witchery, poverty, illiteracy and peasantry..

Amenhotep III
Amenhotep III
22-03-23 03:09

Putin is a life saver, the Khazarica mafia are vampires sucking the last drop out of humanity.