San Juan : Puerto Rico’s Education Department said that 283 schools would close by the start of the new school year, leaving just 828 left open?

Outrage follows Puerto Rico’s announcement it’s closing over a quarter of Its Public Schools. The harm that the education secretary is causing children and their parents is immeasurable.

Teachers unions and outraged citizens in Puerto Rico are vowing to fight the government’s newly-announced plan to close nearly a third of its public schools.

Education Secretary Julia Keleher said that our children deserve the best education that we are capable of giving them taking into account Puerto Rico’s fiscal reality, after Hurricane Maria struck the Caribbean island in 2017.

The announcement of which schools would be closed follows Gov. Ricardo Rossello signing into law controversial education “reform” legislation that will include charter schools at 10% of the island’s schools and private school vouchers for 3% of its students.

It also comes on the heels of Jose Carrion, the chairman of the un-elected board overseeing the debt-burdened island’s financesdeclaring, “Broad and deep reforms are vital to Puerto Rico’s future.”

This unjustified school closure responds to her exclusive work forwarding an agenda in favor of private companies that she will enrich by turning over our children’s public education funds to them.

Common Dreams / Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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