Tens of thousands of Polish nationalists took to the streets of Warsaw for an annual far-right march commemorating the country’s independence, with many displaying white power symbols and waving red flares and torches.

Marchers carried Polish flags and chanted “No to the European Union” and “God, honor, homeland!” among other ultra-nationalist slogans. Black-hooded demonstrators held up banners calling for a “Polish Intifada” and denouncing Zionism.

The marchers were out in force to commemorate the 1918 establishment of the second Polish republic, formed in the aftermath of World War I from parts of Germany, Austria and Russia.

Participants, gathered in central Warsaw, were warned by organizer Robert Bakiewicz that the world has “abandoned God and Christianity” and Poland will die “as the nations of western Europe are dying @ this moment in time.

Anti-immigration was another major theme of the event, with Ziemowit Przebitkowski of the ultra-nationalist All-Polish Youth group telling Poles that it was important to foster “national morals” and stop mass immigration.

The so-called independence march has grown to attract the attention and participation of far-right groups and figures from around the world. This year, activists from the far-right Italian Forza Nuova group and hard-line activists from Hungary also took part.

Poland is increasingly polarized since the nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party took power four years ago promising a revival of patriotism and traditional Catholic values. PiS has been accused of turning a blind eye to growing ultra-nationalism debunking Antisemitism.

This year’s event was considerably smaller than last year’s, which marked the centenary of Poland’s independence and saw about 200,000 people participate, including Polish President Andrzej Duda himself.

RT. com / ABC Flash point News 2019.

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