The Curacao authorities were well aware that Dutch enterprises and traders were manipulating the real estate markets from the start and intentionally “looked the other way”, in order for speculation to create poverty, followed by deportation of the local residents to Amsterdam.

Market manipulation and fraud were important for the Curacao economy, as the attorney general, could not prosecute these thugs, because to-big-to-jail was part of the legal landscape for Curacao.

At the same time Smeets banksters and other gangsters were getting the green light to commit massive fraud for the money laundering bribery to profit from @ the cost of the impoverished Caribbean taxpayers.

The fact that Dutch and American real estate market traders in Curacao made millions through fraudulent transactions, they were also operating a criminal conspiracy to manipulate prices called ‘spoofing’, which has been an open secret for years, since 2010.

The fake autonomy and deadly evil austerity measures, derailed the lives of the local born residents, while their beaches and other prime real estate were confiscated by the tourism Pirates of the Caribbean.

The privatization of public properties goes on, until there is nothing left to support the lives of the fooled and impoverished generation. Deportation with the modern flying pirate ships of the KLM and TUI regulated the invasion of the 21st century colonialists.

The bribed Justice Department will never charge the traders with fraud, or conspiracy to conduct the affairs of an enterprise involved in interstate or foreign commerce through a pattern of racketeering activity, a charge normally reserved for members of organized crime rings.

If you need to manipulate the markets and break laws, then we’re going to look the other way because the Justice Department believes that defrauding the markets is sacrosanct with the American way?

Abna Advies NV believes the Dutch authorities have always “equated Americanism and capitalism with fraud.” However, it is not clear why the Justice Department decided to change course after jailing loyal democratic politicians, or whether it may signal a larger crackdown on hostile roving and plundering entities.

Bribery and extortion have become the main tools in modern society, for only the enterprises to profit from big time. The media will keep the lit on Pandora’s box until a final world-wide revolution will prove otherwise in the nearby future.

By freezing the lowest income and salaries of the derailed working class, the Zionist Nazi style Dutch authorities in The Hague prosper as never before, using the tourism industry to occupy the claimed real estate and other valuable assets in the sunny Caribbean.

For now the Dutch colonialists will blame the downturn on Venezuela, by closing down and sabotage the biggest oil refinery in the Caribbean, under the disguise of pollution. The airport and port activities have already been privatized by the evil invaders.

Human trafficking rings deliver the cheaper Latin American slaves of democracy to the entitled enterprises that collect the profits at the expense of misguided and fooled taxpayers.

Tourism has been a Nazi invention during WW II, and ever since seems a very lucrative formula for the greedy spiritless entities that ruin the world, while the extremely polluting aviation industry is able to deliver the goods to its demonized destination.

ABC Flash Point Caribbean Invasion News 2019.

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10-04-20 18:35

Over het paard getilde kolonialen gebruiken nog steeds dezelfde praktijken om andermans bezittingen toe te eigenen?

Da Nang
Da Nang
18-01-23 10:39

Mercenary networks joining the DEA and RST, destroying the local communities in order to take away the islands price held beaches and infrastructure?