The Pentagon has confirmed, that the US military will be sending “several thousand” more troops to the southern border to provide additional support to Homeland Security,

The move comes as another migrant ‘caravan’ made its way to the border from Honduras. According to multiple reports, its numbers have swelled from the original 2,000 refugees to something like 12,000.

All the troops are in a “support role” to civilian authorities and not engaged in law enforcement.

President Donald Trump initially ordered almost 6,000 troops to the southern border in late October, as two migrant caravans trekked through Mexico. His critics accused him of a publicity stunt ahead of the November midterms.

Some 3,600 of those troops have since returned to their bases, but 2,300 soldiers still remain on the border.

Earlier this month, Shanahan authorized extending their mission through the end of September 2019. Another 2,200 National Guard troops are deployed on the border as well.

News Punch / ABC Flash Refugee Point News 2019.

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