According to investigations by the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense, that Department had disappeared at least $21 trillion of funds from US taxpayers during the 18-year period 1998-2015.

The US population, during that period, was around 300 million people; so, at a bare minimum, approximately $70,000 was being stolen (or otherwise disappeared at the US Defense Department) from each American during that time.

However, $10 in 1998 was worth $14.54 in 2015; so, considering inflation, each American was robbed, during that period, of at least around $90,000, by the most respected institution.

The average US household lost AT LEAST around $224,000, from thefts (or ‘lost money’) by the US military, during 1998-2015.

So, where did this money go? Did it go to US soldiers? Maybe a tiny bit of it did, but the typical US soldier does not seem to be rich. They even have an abnormally high suicide-rate.

Of course, generals and other brass who sit on boards of the US international corporations that sell to America’s military, or who lobby (bribe and corrupt) for them in the US Congress, might have gotten some of this money, but nobody knows.

Maybe the American people don’t care whether they are being robbed by the corporations whose main or only market is the US Government and the foreign governments that the US Government labels to be its ‘allies’, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The existence of this problem has been known, and increasingly documented, for many years. Back on 18 November 2013, Reuters headlined Special Report: The Pentagon’s doctored ledgers conceal epic waste, and reported that, fudging the accounts with false entries is standard operating procedure.

For some reason, this situation continues on for decade after decade, and yet Americans are far more worried about ‘illegal aliens’ and about ‘foreign tampering with American democracy’ than about this enormous documented theft from the people.

Why are immigrants, and Iran, and Russia, and China, and North Korea, and Syria, and Yemen, and Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and Iraq, and Libya, being targeted as ‘America’s enemies’?

Is it done so that there will be targets for those weapons to be used against? Is that the real business-plan here? When did any of those nations last invade America, or even threaten to invade America?

Did not Israel do that, on 8 June 1967, and Saudi Arabia do that, on 11 September 2001? But they are our ‘allies’, and Saudi Arabia is even the largest foreign buyer of US weaponry. (And how transparent are those regimes?).

However, the American regime is unique, because only it controls the world’s top reserve currency, the dollar. The Saudis are especially important because they perform the biggest role of any foreign power in continuing the dollar as the world’s top reserve currency.

That is the key to the current world order. It also explains how the US Government can now manage to spend, actually, around as many dollars on its military each year as all other nations in the world put together.

It explains why the average US household lost at least around $224,000, from thefts (or ‘lost money’) by the US military, during 1998-2015; and why the individuals who were responsible for it have never been punished, much less punished as traitors.

Strategic Culture Organization / ABC Flash Point Bribery News 2018.

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Bekaa Valley
Bekaa Valley
09-07-20 11:39

Zionist highway robbery, blaming others and claiming the lute?