The USA threatened to directly attack the Russian homeland moving substantially closer toward open military confrontation with both Russia and China.

UN Ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison accused Russia of violating the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty by developing a nuclear cruise missile and said that Washington was preparing to “take out” the weapon with a US strike.

This statement came just three days after a Chinese warship set a collision course with a US destroyer carrying out a so-called “freedom of navigation” operation in the South China Sea, forcing the American ship to maneuver to avoid a collision and the potentially deadliest military clash in the Pacific in decades.

The erosion of American manufacturing over the last two decades threatens to undermine the ability of U.S. manufacturers to meet national security requirements.

The promotion of US manufacturing dominance, in other words, is vital for promoting military dominance.

The protection of heavy industry goes together with the administration’s efforts to defend America’s high-tech sector, the source of a vast portion of US profitability.

The Pentagon’s plans for protecting and expanding the US high-tech sector include its backing for the administration’s efforts to limit the admission of Chinese students to US universities through visa restrictions.

The report complains that, with as many as 25% of “STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] graduates in the USA being Chinese students, American universities are contributing to China’s economic and military rise.”

However, Chinese universities deliver 200.000 engineers every year, while the US universities only produce 4.000 engineers annually.

The central target of such measures will be the forcible suppression of the class struggle in the name of promoting “national security.”

The escalation of global US militarism has coincided with a major upsurge in the class struggle, including the rejection of a concessions contract by workers at UPS, the logistics giant whose powerful workforce is capable of crippling not just America’s industrial base, but substantial sections of the wartime economy.

Unfortunately the US military industry has fallen far behind in technology, with disadvantages on every level, offensively and defensively.

US warships cannot safely navigate anymore, because Chinese development of aircraft carrier killer-tech like Donfeng hypersonic missile, while the Russians lead in the field of electronic warfare. / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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22-09-22 12:45

Since the Berlin Wall came down, step 2 in the engagement started to take shape.