The MSM news accounts about Jeffrey Epstein “attempted suicide” is really just false reporting, as usual, about another type of obvious (and carefully staged) false flag hoax.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Epstein is the most radioactive Pedogate witness in history, as well as the most dangerous to the power elite.

Trump has already been tainted by ACOSTAgate, so he knows well the potential consequences (that have yet to manifest) between now and Election Day.

However, because of the well-known social degeneracy and sexual depravity of the Democrats, they’re much more threatened by the sordid saga of EPSTEIN-gate.

The Clinton’s lead the list of susceptible VIP’s whose conduct vis-à-vis Epstein is supported with hard evidence.

With that understanding, it’s impossible that pimpster Epstein will be allowed to turn state’s evidence against many of the most powerful and wealthy VIP’s in the world today.

Given this transparent reality, it ought to be clear that the single best way to eliminate such a serious threat is to disappear Epstein by way of a false flag ‘suicide’ hoax.

Once ‘interpreted’, TPTB can easily bring him back to life in a foreign location like Israel where he’ll feel right @ home.

In this manner, Epstein can continue to function as a Mossad agent performing many of the same blackmailing tasks he did before only from a strictly private operating base that protects his true identity.

The Zio-Anglo-American Intelligence community would never eliminate such a valuable asset who has been active in the most sensitive areas of blackmailing and bribery for so many years.

They know there will NEVER be another Jeffrey Epstein, so why would they take him out or put him in such jeopardy.

The Epstein ‘attempted suicide’ episode is just one piece of a complex psy-op that’s designed to accomplish multiple goals.

First and foremost, it has put all the low-level political perpetrators and intel operatives in America’s Uniparty on notice: that everyone is now vulnerable to being exposed with Pedogate evidence so they had better not even think about leaving the reservation of political correctness.

Any violators of the non-negotiable Deep State code will either be suicide or disappearing or outright killed. For if even Jeffrey Epstein can be so quickly removed from the scene, anyone can.

The Millennium Report / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins
12-08-20 17:18

Epstein the master pimp for the elite?