A recent terrorist attack in Kashmir could set the stage for a major conflict between India and Pakistan as India begins bombing Pakistani territory. As always, the root causes of these are being ignored by the media.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by a Pakistan-based Islamic group called Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). JeM’s main goal is to steal Kashmir away from India and unite it with Pakistan, to ensure that Pakistan is ruled by Sharia law, and to drive Western forces out of Afghanistan.

Apparently, despite this underlying nuclear catastrophe, someone thought it was a good idea for Indian fighter jets to begin pounding Pakistani territory just today, in order to take part in what India’s foreign ministry coined a “non-military pre-emptive action” against JeM.

The USA and its allies have had a curious relationship with Pakistan and terrorism for years, as anyone who knows their history will know.

What they might not remember, however, is that in February 2007, then vice president, Dick Cheney, made a trip to Pakistan to organize the secret US-backed campaign against Iran by the terror group known as Jundullah.

Okay, so the USA supported the Jundullah group in Pakistan against Iran, but what does that have to do with the current situation at hand? Well, it appears that JeM and other terrorist organizations in Pakistan receive direct support from key US allies, including and especially Saudi Arabia.

The Lashkar-e-Taiba is a Pakistan-based terrorist organization which also has a strong focus on Jammu and Kashmir, where the recent terror attack took place (and India’s initial response).

Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE have provided support to LeT and other terrorist groups operating in the region as well. All of these countries are US allies.

The USA has a long and documented history of backing anti-Iranian Sunni-based Pakistani terror groups.

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have been funneling financial support to the LeT, who has a direct alliance and operates in the same area as the JeM (who also receives direct funding from Saudi Arabia).

Most disturbing is the revelation that Saudi Arabia is also being rumoured to have nuclear weapons on order from Pakistan.

If it is not bad enough that India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons and are now potentially launching air strikes into each other’s territory, the idea that these apocalyptic weapons could one day end up in the hand of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to Israeli media, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s (MBS) recent visit to Pakistan has essentially cemented Pakistan’s inclusion in anti-Iran Arab NATO.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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