If we don not listen to Western media propaganda, Iran still has many allies, with regard to its oil exportation, particularly amongst OPEC allies, who are very upset at Trump’s pressure to increase production to bring down the oil price.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned US President Donald Trump of the consequences of applying new sanctions against Tehran. The only two OPEC nations who are pushing for the increase in production are Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Remember that one of the reasons that a lot of these countries are in crises or one of the reasons that we’re seeing economic diversification, indeed one of the reasons why we see OPEC countries like Venezuela in economic and political turmoil is because of low oil prices that were caused by the extremely polluting shale oil industry.

Iran also has EU allies, who are more than happy to see Trump feel the pinch of high oil prices so that he can suffer for the tariffs that he has imposed on the EU.

In other words, OPEC countries are not happy to see Iran’s exports cut off, they are not happy at following the American line. And when we turn to the EU in particular, the EU wants Iran on board in order to negotiate new nuclear deal terms.


If Iran was to cut off the exports of oil, it would have to do so to the Hormuz Strait. And the Hormuz Strait is part of a wider vital shipping network that includes LNG [Liquefied Natural Gas] gas, the reason why it is such an important shipping route.


Iran would go about doing it by sending troops in order to block the Hormuz Strait. Of course, don’t forget that the USA has their 5th War Fleet stationed in Bahrain @ the Persian Gulf.

Iran also has proxies across the Middle East that can damage production of oil, whether it’s freedom fighters in Iraq, or armed brigades in Syria, but also it’s Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, all these other different proxies that are able to damage oil production.


So in other words, Iran wouldn’t just upset the USA, indeed it would not just make the Gulf countries suffer, but it would also upset its loyal customers such as China and India.


If the Saudi’s try to ship their oil supplies from the other side, the Red Sea, remember Yemen is in war and Al-Hudaydah, the vital port, can still be used by the Iranians to cut off any shipping taking place on the other side of the Arabian Peninsula or the Persian Gulf.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Oil News 2018.

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Kidnapped by System
Kidnapped by System
29-01-23 21:19

Like the article mentioned back in 2018, the USA will back off their naval positions, no more carrier perked in the Gulf?