Because California is home to both Hollywood and Big Tech, the state was selected as the focal point for all religions that worship fake environmentalism. Whatever happens in California makes a deep impression on the entire planetary civilization.

In this way, the Motion Picture and TV Production Industries could be used to beam out the climate change sermons across America as well as around the whole world.

The explicit justification for establishing global governance is the manufactured worldwide threat of Climate Change—the prophesied (by Al Gore & Company) destroyer of the biosphere (humanity cannot live without the live-giving biosphere).

Given that California’s celebrity society is domiciled all over the Charcoal State, and that the Sultans of Silicon Valley and their countless highly paid minions reside in Northern California, it’s easy for them to amplify their climate change sermons full of fiery fulminations so that the world community of nations hears it all loud and clear.

Similarly, when it’s sizzling hot in the states as it is this summer of 2020, the rest of the planet will hear about it, especially when the fifth largest economy on the planet has been put in such great jeopardy via such destructive and unrelenting Pyro-terrorism.

Remember, the California wildfires take place like clockwork during two predictable seasons every year.

Therefore, all the Pyro-terrorists have to do is utilize the hot season as a means to trigger one conflagration after another while the geoengineers whip up the Santa Ana winds to spread the man-made infernos faster than wildfire.

The globalist-directed Democrat Party is perfidiously using their Charcoal State as an ongoing advertisement for the NWO Climate Change agenda where weather warfare and climate manipulation are systematically used to manufacture consent.

The more that nations everywhere are regularly assaulted by extreme weather events and catastrophic climate fluctuations, the more they are softened up to accept a One World Government to manage the ensuing cataclysms.


Exactly how are the geo-engineers fabricating an extremely conducive environment throughout the state of California to both trigger and inflame these enormous and fast-moving firestorms?

As for the rolling blackouts that are predictably being carried out with increasing frequency, as always these paralyzing machinations are being perpetrated with highly purposeful design.

In point of fact, there is now a well-established pattern whereby the state government is further terrorizing the residents by shutting off their power when they need it the most.

Otherwise, how are the powerless people going to monitor the firestorms in their immediate area and acquire the necessary information about life-saving escape routes.

This odious scheme of intentionally disempowering the residents has been well documented, except that very few folks know about it.

A scan of the mainstream media reports published over the course of August about the catastrophic California firestorms clearly indicates that the perpetrators are going all out to fearmonger both state and country.

Pyro-terrorism isn’t the only thing that Californians need to be concerned about. It’s essential to comprehend that the U.S. government does in fact possess the technology to trigger earthquakes and volcanoes.

The geoengineers are also hard at work perfecting their earthquake-triggering weapons. There has been a LOT of buzz in the media about the many earthquake swarms during 2020 which are undoubtedly a precursor to the “Big One”.

Those swarms are being triggered just as all the other chaos and mayhem is throughout the USA during this highly consequential election cycle.

In light of this stark reality, the following exposé ought to be considered very seriously, especially by those Californians who live anywhere near either the San Andreas Fault or Hayward Fault Zone.

HUGE and devastating arson fires have been used forever by The Powers That Be to terrorize a targeted nation or city.  What better way is there to scare the bejesus out of everyone watching this meticulously choreograph NWO sh*tshow.

Even if you don’t live in California, the preceding FIREGEDDON photos and nightly news footage are scary enough to prevent anyone from visiting there, or moving anywhere near the Charcoal State.  And, that’s just the way the communists who run Kalifornia want it.

Millennium / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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04-09-20 10:28

California voters opted to give back 1/3 of the state to the indigenous Indian tribes, but that plan got literally torched and burned to the ground?

Be Quick
Be Quick
04-02-23 21:21

Really outrageous behavior.