New York is in the midst of a crime wave, and while the New York sheriff’s department is not the NYPD, deputies are still armed law enforcement officers.

Many residents have questioned why Sheriff Joseph Fucito has prioritized Mac’s serving customers over the 166% increase in shootings for August compared the same period in 2019. New York’s murder rate hit a five-year high in June 2020.

Violent crime in general has soared under the Covid-19 lock down, yet cops are tasked with guarding state-sanctioned murals or playing “fun police” to break up private parties.

Even non-police agencies like the Taxi and Limousine Commission have been pressed into service policing bars.

The growing unrest over NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s horrifically skewed priorities is thus wholly understandable, if long overdue.

Courts are finally starting to side with business owners, churches, and ordinary citizens whose lives have been turned upside down by unscientific, totalitarian restrictions.

Especially with the recent discoveries of massive flaws in the ‘gold standard’ test for Covid-19, it’s past time to reconsider letting petty tyrants like Cuomo and de Blasio trample New York’s future and turn its inhabitants into skulking snitches.

The snitches who found their calling in life obeying arbitrary rules will resist, of course – they swarmed a video of Wednesday’s protest against the targeting of the bar, gleefully speculating how many of the protesters would be dead by Christmas?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Scamdemic News 2020.

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Bon Bini
Bon Bini
04-12-20 23:55

Courts are starting to rule more and more in favor of the businesses, which are being totaled by the phony but deadly measures?

Bai Laga
Reply to  Bon Bini
05-12-20 11:19

Pushing the community into poverty and destruction?