A video purportedly showing the Mi-28NM gunship, operating in tandem with a Russian military Mi-24 in Syria’s Hama province, has surfaced on-line.

In the footage, the new helicopter, distinguishable by its unique ball-shaped radar installed above its main rotor, is seen making repeated passes over a local settlement thought to contain Nusra terrorist positions.

Dubbed the ‘Super Night Hunter’, the Mi-28NM was created after taking previously accumulated Syrian combat experience into account.

The Russian gunship features improved engines, control and anti-air defense systems, fuselage, navigation and communications equipment.

Specially created helmets with an augmented reality function to project map, intelligence and helicopter status information into the pilot and copilot’s field of vision.

The anti-armor helicopter is said to be capable of coordinating with autonomous drones, and can be armed with a new guided missile with a range of over 25 km.

The first test batch of the new all-weather, day-night two-seater helicopters is expected to start delivery to the Defense Ministry next month.

Developed in the early 1980’s, the Mi-28 design has seen multiple upgrades during its service life, and is operated by the Russian, Algerian and Iraqi militaries.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Military News 2019.

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24-03-21 00:10

Like one to be parked in my back yard in case of emergency?