The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement that the country’s armed forces were stepping up security measures on the northern border on the heels of an escalation unfolding on the frontier with Lebanon and Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel is following a consistent policy that does not allow Iran’s proxy military forces to be established along our northern border.

Tensions between the Jews and Shi’ite Muslims escalated earlier this month after reports emerged that Israel was behind a massive explosion at Natanz, Iran that destroyed a key factory producing centrifuges used in Iran’s nuclear refinement industry.

Israel and Iran have engaged in back and forth threats and claims that the other side was the region’s “biggest threat to peace“.

Tel Aviv claims that Iran seeks to acquire nuclear weapons and spread terrorism throughout the region to threaten Israel’s national security, including through proxy forces operating along its borders.

Tehran, meanwhile, says Israel’s illegal military actions in Syria, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, and Iraq, as well as its possession of an actual nuclear arsenal, make it the greater danger.

Tensions have rapidly escalated between the two bitter enemies since the targeted killing of Hezbollah operative Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad, along with two other militants, during an airstrike over Damascus earlier this month.

According to Israeli military sources, hostilities broke wide-open when Hezbollah crossed a few feet into Israeli territory” in an effort to carry out a large-scale attack?

Israel said it responded by launching an artillery barrage at the suspected targets, stopping the incursion before Israeli soldiers were injured in the incident.

In order “to determine the facts & circumstances” of the recent incident across the Blue Line, a border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel, the UN peacekeeping mission has ordered a probe into the military exchange.

Hezbollah has vowed to equalize Jawad’s death, leading to IDF forces to move reinforcements up to its northern border in preparation for an attack by the Shi’ite liberation organization.

Up till recently the only ones attacking other countries in the Middle East is Israel. Iran, nor Syria or Lebanon has launched any attack on Israel in the past years?

The radical US military has even used depleted uranium in their ammo to infect the Syria population with radiation.

ABC Flash Point WW III News 2020.

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30-07-20 11:50

Terrorists do not allow freedom fighters to come save the day. Invasive occupation is far more important, then the lives of the ones getting pushed around and/or deported to surrounding Arab nations?