The Russians have noted that Ukraine is using its best trained and most experienced troops which are operating with a high level of professionalism.

These military forces were NATO-trained and appear to have high morale. However, attributing your army’s best forces, with little of strategic value to show for the effort, in the end could force the Ukrainian government into reevaluating the war effort.

There is also growing concern in Washington that the war may soon spill over outside of Ukraine, with Poland high on the list as a possible hot spot.

Both the Poles and the Russians have been actively provocative, with the Wagner forces moving into Belarus and with Poland sending armor resources to the borders of Belarus and Ukraine.

NATO is in a very bad position to support a widened war in Europe. It lacks troops (the US is now calling up reservists for US deployments in Eastern Europe) and sufficient ammunition, and NATO is very thin on air defenses and armor.

The Russians are also on the cusp of a major mobilization, something that presages the possibility of a wider conflict. Do you mean. Nor have the Russians continued to mince words about the Ukraine Special Military Operation.

They now come right out and refer to it as Russia’s war against NATO. Nor do the Russians any longer mince words about the Ukraine special military operation, which is now characterized as Russia’s war against NATO.

In short the conflict is inexorably morphing and could soon go out of control from the point of view of confining it mainly to a battle on Ukrainian territory.

This is underlined by the volunteers fighting in Ukraine, many of whom are Poles, and the attachment of American and British specialists to Ukrainian battle-groups.

Europe is simply unprepared for a war that might be fought on its territory. Few steps are being taken to try and head off a bigger crisis.

Asia Times / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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30-07-23 12:07

Now NATO tries to attack Moscow, they should be very wary because soon Washington DC (Devils Center) will burn down to the ground?

30-07-23 13:04

The USA brought this on itself with a uni-polar world-exceptionalism- biggest killer of world citizens since WW2 now Russia has said it will prepare for war in Syria . WW3 draws ever closer- “quote from article – Russians actively provocative “- absolute BULL !!! change that to AMERICA absolutely provocative -800+ bases worldwide -threatening – Russia- China- Iran and any other nation that doesn’t obey it . ONE MILLION children killed in Iraq in the USA,s “Shock and Awe ” war – in two weeks -7164 civilians killed – where were the crocodile tears and cries of shame and sanctions… Read more »

White German Shepherd
White German Shepherd
31-07-23 10:14

Polish are good at that they did the concentration camps during WWII these NAZI fellows.