NATO is in a crisis and the alliance is unprepared for new challenges from China and Russia, Harvard University’s Belfer Center warned Friday.

A report by the center, written by two former U.S. ambassadors Douglas Lute and Nicholas Burns, was announced at the Munich Security Conference.

NATO faces a crisis, with severe challenges from both within and beyond,” the authors said, listing U.S. President Donald Trump’s ambivalence about NATO, low European defense spending and slow decision making procedures by NATO as major challenges from within the military alliance.

The report identified Russia’s military strength and China’s economic and technological power as two major challenges NATO faces beyond its borders.

It argued for a two-track approach toward Russia, consisting of deterrence and dialogue, and urged NATO allies to take urgent steps to address vulnerabilities, especially in the area of hybrid warfare.

AA. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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