An attack by NATO on Russia’s westernmost exclave Kaliningrad would lead to a nuclear apocalypse and affect even countries not involved in a hypothetical conflict.

International media have recently made regular publications on how Kaliningrad – the Russian outpost in Europe – could be ‘captured’. Such publications serve the interests of NATO members’ military and industrial complex.

Earlier this year, General Jeffrey Lee Harrigian, Commander of the US Air Forces in Europe and Africa, said that the Pentagon had designed a plan to take down the air defense system of the Kaliningrad Region.

Kaliningrad is only building up its defense infrastructure in response to mounting offensive capabilities in the Baltics, Poland and elsewhere.

Richard D. Hooker, Senior Fellow at the US-based Jamestown Foundation, offered his scenario of a potential conflict between Russia and NATO in the Baltics. Russia would definitely lose the Kaliningrad Region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that NATO getting closer to the nation’s borders poses a threat to the country, as the alliance keeps beefing up military might and citing Moscow as a perceived threat.

First of all, there is no intelligence that Russian troops are gearing up for an offensive in Kaliningrad, and NATO is fully aware of that. It means there are no signs of strategic and operational deployment of assets in the region.

With NATO’s conventional weapons surpassing Russia’s capabilities, it’s safe to assume that Moscow wouldn’t just stand idly by while its forces are being crushed. It would immediately respond by using both tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.


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15-02-20 06:14

NATO is not even able to fight a fly?