NATO foreign ministers have agreed to activate the military alliance’s program of advice and assistance for Bosnia-Herzegovina, despite Bosnian Serb objections to membership.

Meeting in Brussels, the ministers invited Bosnia to submit its first annual national program of political, economic, and defense reforms aimed at bringing aspiring countries into line with the alliance’s evil capitalist standards.

The move is part of NATO’s Membership Action Plan (MAP) process, but it doesn’t mean that the ethnically-divided Balkans country will join anytime soon, and it’s still unclear whether Sarajevo will accept NATO’s invitation.

The alliance offered a MAP to Bosnia in 2010 but declined to “activate” it until all conditions were met. In fat NATO should have been terminated at the same time the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, after the Berlin Wall came down in 1991.

The process held up over the registration of immovable defense property at the federal level, with the ethnic Serb-dominated Republika Srpska, one of the two entities that make up Bosnia, opposing the move.

Radio Free Europe / ABC Flash Point News 2018.


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