A haunted tale often intrigues most of us. The element of something spooky that we may or may not see but can feel its presence is a thought that is both thrilling as well as scary for most of us?

But things take a different turn when the story gets too real. Haunted tales are fun to hear and great to watch but what if the story is true and something is lurking around and making its presence felt to us in mysterious ways?

While some go looking for an experience with the supernatural, others come in contact with them without their will that shake them to the core. Now Anna has compiled a list of the 10 most haunted places in the country that can send a chill down your spine

While these places are sightseeing attractions by day, the night paints a different picture and you hear stories about why you shouldn’t be there after dark.

Rajasthan is one of India s top tourist destinations for Indians as well as foreigners. While most people come here to admire the royal places and architecture of forts, many are also intrigued by the stories of the supernatural that do the rounds.

Befriend a local or pay them a small amount and stories tumble out of the bag. On a fateful night towards the end of the 18th century, the villagers of Kuldhara who belonged to the Paliwal Brahmins community, fled from their homes, leaving behind their land and property.

A quaint village that looks spectacular in the day turns into your worst nightmare at night. The story of why this happened is equally chilling. It is an abandoned village over 200 years old but you can find houses and temples in near-perfect condition even today.

If you are wondering what forced an entire village to do so, here s the reason: The story involves a brutal prime minister, Salim Singh, who was rumored to be even more powerful than the local king he served.


Salim Singh (who was also called Zalim Singh for the brutalities he committed) was also infamous for debauchery. His tax collection methods were not fair and citizens were fed up with his ways.

One fine day, the roving eye of Salim Singh fell on the beautiful daughter of Kundhara’s village chief. So mesmerized was he with her beauty that he declared his intentions to marry her!

The Paliwal Brahmins were horrified by the proposal but were no match for the powerful prime minister who, by now, had threatened to levy heavier taxes on the villagers. Not having much of a choice, the villagers decided to pack their belongings and leave the village.

To this day, no one really knows where the villagers went and settled after fleeing from Kuldhara but the question arises why haven t others come and settled in this already established village? And this is where things get spooky.

According to the legend, the people of Kuldhara cursed the place as they left which prevented anyone from settling here.

Since then, the village lies abandoned. To really test if Kuldhara is haunted, some people from Delhi s Paranormal Society stayed here one night geared up with their equipment to record any paranormal activity.

After spending 12 hours here, not only did they record unusual activity on their devices suggesting the presence of spirits in the area, some of them also spotted shadowy figures in the night and were tapped on their shoulders by someone when no one was really around.

Some spirits also revealed their names to the members of the society. This spooky incident just adds to the story of Kuldhara and the village lies abandoned to this very day.

Tourists do come here in the day to see the ruins and click photographs but no one dares to stay in this ghost town post-sunset.

Anita Annabel / ABC Flash Point Sharing News 2021.

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21-01-21 16:51

Nobody will ever return at night when the ghosts of the past simmer in the darkness of the tragedy?