As the Soviet Union went down for many reasons which can be pretty well summed up under the notion that it had exhausted its overall potential.

Its economy was staggering, nobody believed any more, it had no real allies, it was bogged down in an endless war. Buried in there somewhere was the expense of the arms race with the USA.

The bigger problem was the US Zionist arrogance. Washington likes to think that its intelligence on Russia is pretty good but actually it’s pretty bad – and the proof is that it is always surprised by what Moscow does next.

Intelligence is supposed to reduce surprises, not increase them. Russia has a more modest military goal: simply defense. And defense is always cheaper than offense.

The Soviet Union’s military was not just about self-defense, it was for power projection, assistance to allies and it sought full-spectrum dominance. Or, if not dominance in every imaginable sphere of warfare, at least capability.

The Soviet state, a new type of state, the basic instrument for defending the gains of the revolution and for building socialism and communism. Humanity thereby began the epoch-making turn from capitalist to socialism.

Washington can interfere in Africa as much as it wants, Moscow doesn’t care – and if it should care, it’s demonstrated in Syria how effective a small competent and intelligently directed force can be.

Washington can have all the aircraft carriers it wants; Moscow doesn’t care as long as they keep away – and if they don’t keep away, they have plenty of Kinzhals.

Russia has quite a number of hyper-sonic weapons. The Kinzhal, for example, fired from a supersonic MiG-31 aircraft 1.500 kilometers away, it will arrive at the target in quite a bit less than 10 minutes.

When will its target discover that it’s coming? If it detects it 500 kilometers out (probably pushing the Aegis way past its limits) it will have three or four minutes to react?

The Russian Avangard re-entry vehicle has a speed of more than Mach 20 – that’s the distance from Moscow to Washington in well under five minutes. How do you stop that?

In conventional war the U.S. military does not have effective air defences: this should now be clear to everyone after the strikes on the Saudi oil site and the U.S. base.

U.S. generals are always complaining about the hostile electronic warfare scene in Syria where the Russians revealed only a bit of what they can do.

Russia and China have good air defense at every level and excellent EW capabilities. They do because they know that the U.S. military depends on air attack and easy communications.

The U.S. military have spent too many years bombing people who can’t shoot back, kicking in doors in the middle of the night and patrolling roads hoping there’s no IED today. Not very good practice for a real war or an arms race.

The cumulative effect of dominance in the air, land, maritime, and space domains and information environment, which includes cyberspace, that permits the conduct of joint operations without effective opposition or prohibitive interference.

In practice it’s unattainable; it’s like looking for the end of the rainbow?

Now Washington can build a space force (the 6th US military branch complete with cammo uniforms) if it wants to; Russia doesn’t have to – it just has to shoot down what attacks it, with the unmatched Prometheus S-500 missile system.

Checkmate in one defined area of the globe is much easier and much cheaper than “full spectrum dominance”. Russia also also has unmatched offensive missiles like Satan-II.

This way the USA will bankrupt itself into oblivion chasing down supremacy over everything everywhere. Maybe it doesn’t work today but will tomorrow. It’s easier to just sabotage security. One thing the Zionists are very well aware off?

Strategic Culture / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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01-06-20 22:22

The American arrogance will end their domination?