The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded international organizations condemn the execution of Russian PoW’s by Ukrainian forces and conduct a thorough investigation, adding that by ignoring such crimes the West becomes an accomplice.

The ministry also vowed that the atrocities will not go unpunished. Russian Ombudswoman Tatyana Moskalkova said she had addressed the secretary general of the Council of Europe on the war crimes issue.

Tatyana Moskalkova also addressed the director of the OSCE/ODIHR and the head of the Council of Europe committee with the demand to condemn the execution of Russian prisoners by Kiev military junta.

I consider it necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of this war crime. I addressed Council of Europe Secretary General Marija Pejcinovic-Buric, OSCE/ODIHR Director Matteo Mecacci.

But also expert of the UN Special Commission Erik Mose and the head of the Council of Europe anti-torture Committee (CPT), Mr. Mitchell, demanding to condemn these actions and within the framework of powers to demand an investigation of the crimes committed and punishment of those responsible.

She stressed that no words could express the pain and bitterness of what she saw. Moskalkova also called it a crime against humanity.

A video showing Ukrainian soldiers shooting down Russians who have surrendered and are lying on the ground emerged on social media on Friday.

The Russian Human Rights Council said the video would be sent to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, Amnesty International, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other organizations.

In February, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine after the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk requested help to defend them from intensifying attacks by Ukrainian forces.

The USA and its allies imposed comprehensive sanctions against Russia and have supplied Ukraine with weapons and economic assistance.

Russia has been targeting Ukraine’s military and energy infrastructure since October 10, two days after the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge, which Moscow blames on the Ukrainian special services.

Ukraine has introduced rolling blackouts to repair the energy grid ahead of winter, which has already started as temperatures in Europe are dropping seriously.

This week, a missile struck Polish territory near the border with Ukraine. Warsaw believes that the strike was most likely caused by Ukrainian air defenses.

Based on preliminary information, NATO and the USA also concluded that the missile had not been fired from Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry, in turn, said that the Russian forces had launched no strikes on targets near the Ukrainian-Polish border on Tuesday, and that the released photos of the missile’s debris indicated it was not Russian.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2022.

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Better Ones
Better Ones
18-11-22 23:25

The Kiev Nazi junta is on the path of breaking previous records amid torturing imprisoned people to bend the minds of the liberators?

19-11-22 08:32

1942== Churchill –( when asked why England doesn’t bomb Nazi propaganda transmitters )-

Quote- “we have the Moral high ground ”

2022==Russia-Iran-Syria-Yemen-Afghanistan-Cuba-Valenzuela-Donbass-etc-etc-news programmes —-BANNED .

Quote -“we dont have the Moral high ground—so—”

Western world spied on/jailed/arrested/loss of job for speaking the Truth —
in a complete distortion of the meaning of Democracy–Quote -“the Truth is a Lie and a Lie the Truth” – Western authorities Propaganda .

The Observer
The Observer
20-11-22 16:58

UN tells Ukraine to investigate video showing ‘execution’ of Russian POW’s.