Mass tourism fed by one of the world’s most polluting aviation and hotel industries, is the new form of foreign invasion to terrorize local cultures and redesign them into enslaved networks.

The carbon footprint airlines and its airplanes leave behind and pollute 10 times more deadly emissions into the atmosphere compared to driving a V-8 engine automobile.

Yet automobiles need to switch to electric alternatives, while more and more airplanes keep polluting the planet’s already fragile environment.

Tourism by rail and sea are relatively less polluting and form a welcome form of income for hardworking citizens employees at the favored destiny.

But mass tourism is the real problem nowadays. This form of invasion destroys cultures for the travel industry to rake in huge profits over the backs of terrorized people.

Commercial tourism was invented by Nazi Germany after they invaded France during WW II. The Parisians turned their heads against the occupying Nazi soldiers, so Hitler’s propaganda boss Goebels came with the tourist style solution.

Rich German industrials we ordered to visit Paris and spend large amounts of money in order to win the souls of the chauvinist French people. The formula turned out to be a huge success thanks to the new formula.

The entertainment industry rapidly followed up in order to maximize the money flows into designated areas.

However, today the commercialized mass tourism industry derails local livelihoods, because cheap labor is needed for the greedy entities to goggle up other people’s money.

The slave labor type of employment is fed by human trafficking rings, moving poor people around the world to do the job. Cruise ship lines do not even pay their serving crew. These slaves must live of tips given by and from the passengers.

All in all, the Western mainstream media fully backs this new form of occupation, supporting the invasive tourism industry for commercial reasons in order to keep the bankrupted Western nations alive for a couple of more years.

ABC Flash Point Tourist Invasion News 2019.


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Prins van Oranje
Prins van Oranje
07-09-20 01:38

Tourism is okay if it improves the life standard of the people at the destiny. Mass tourism destroys all the public rights of the countries visited.

Karl not telling You
Karl not telling You
02-08-23 02:17

Mss tourism is dead warrant for tradition and culture, propaganda taken over and Zombies follow the beat?