Nowadays many people do not recognize the difference between the psychoactive ingredients in Cannabis and the contribution of the so-called ordinary medical marihuana?

In your brain there are natural cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. These cannabinoids have the responsibility to regulate communication between your neurons.

But what happens when the receptors are connected with other—externally ingested—cannabinoids? Well, this is what happens when cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant enters your body system.

Your endocannabinoid-system gets activated, which can result in hundreds, probably even thousands of different effects (many positive, some negative).

CBD oil is produced from the Cannabis Sativa plant (this can be Hemp or Marijuana). All parts of the plant—stalks, flowers and leaves—can be used to produce CBD oil. Solvents or high-tech extraction methods are used to draw CBD from the plant.

If you you’ve ever smoked or vaped weed, you’ve probably heard about a compound named ‘THC’. Well, THC is a cannabinoid that gets you ‘high’ and is found in Cannabis Sativa (more so in Marijuana than Hemp).

But what most people don’t know is that there are many different cannabinoids aside from THC and CBD is the second well-known cannabinoid, which isn’t psychoactive.

Over the years, research has shown that CBD has tremendous potential as an agent to prevent and potentially cure a variety of conditions and their symptoms, like cancer, inflammation, depression and insomnia.

While some effects—if you ingest too much THC for example—can cause highs and hallucinations, many other positive effects also exist. CBD for example can make you experience less pain because it ‘numbs’ your pain receptors.

Are you starting to see how CBD oil is a unique oil, with very unique effects?

The endocannabinoid-system only gets activated by cannabinoids (most benefits associated with CBD are related to the activation of the endocannabinoid-system), and these can only be found in Cannabis Sativa plant-based products like CBD oil.

So, next time the media tells you Marihuana is bad, ignore this useless propaganda and enjoy the positive effects it presents as a gift from nature.

Before the 1900’s, Cannabis was used to threat many medical conditions, but wasn’t supporting the exorbitant profits that could be made by the pharmaceutical industry.

So the product (plant) was banned and categorized as a class A hard drug, together with Cocaine, LSD and Heroine. For many (assassinated) scientists coffee (caffeine) and sugar are far more addictive than alcohol, which is classified as a class B drug?

Cocaine sparks certain parts of the brain in such a way that it gives people euphoria, which could help them to cover up negativity in life. Now taking sugar fires up the brain like a pinball machine, and therefore is the most addictive product served in our daily foods.

Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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