Washington and some of its nasty allies have stepped up political and economic pressure on the Latin American country in recent months, leading to a whopping $350 billion in economic losses since the IMF and USA undermined Venezuela’s sovereignty.

However, the legitimate government in Caracas still has the support of more than 180 countries in the world. Venezuela’s armed forces have maintained contacts with major military powers, with China, Russia, Iran, Belarus and Kazakhstan engaged in training or invited to participate in military exercises.

Over the weekend, Caracas launched the country’s largest-ever military exercises, practicing the defense of Venezuela’s territory, coasts, rivers and airspace from foreign invasion, and drilling for civil and military mobilization in the event of war.

The drills come amid threats by the White House that the USA would not take the ‘military option’ off the table on the Venezuelan crisis.

Venezuela’s armed forces have been “modernized, and the Latin American nation has the “means to guarantee the integrity” of its territory and airspace.

The long-running political crisis in Venezuela escalated last month after Juan Guaido, the head of Venezuela’s semi-defunct National Assembly, proclaimed himself interim president pending fresh elections.

How it is possible that a self-appointed stooge supports democracy without being elected to run Venezuela. That is not how democracy works. On top of that he vows to privatize Venezuela’s oil industry and hand it over to Halliburton and Chevron?

The “cynical sanctions”, imposed by the USA on the Venezuelan petroleum company PdVSA, lead to the deterioration of the international financial system, based on the US dollar, and also provoke a conflict in Venezuela.

The US regime, unfortunately, has experience in such illegitimate handling of other’s money. Such freezing was applied at one time to Iraq, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Panama.

In most cases, this freezing essentially resulted in the confiscation of assets from another government. The British authorities are doing the same thing now by arresting, and in fact confiscating, the gold reserves of Venezuela, which are stored in London.

China opposes the new unilateral sanctions the USA imposed on Venezuela and intends to maintain and develop cooperation with Caracas despite the restrictions.

The statements come after US National Security Adviser John Bolton announced on 28 January that the United States is imposing sanctions against Venezuelan state-owned oil company PdVSA, adding that it will block $7 billion in PdVSA’s assets.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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29-07-20 23:49

The US corporations are aiming @ the Venezuelan oil- and gold reserves?