The British PM Boris Johnson has offered three million Hong Kong citizens the right to live and work in the UK after China defied opposition to impose a new national-security law on Hong Kong.

Boris Johnson told the House of Commons that he would go ahead with the move after China imposed the law on the semi-autonomous Chinese region.

Actually, the law was designed to help violent protesters escape prosecution from Hong Kong. Some of them got paid $500 per day by Zionist NGO’s to promote riots and cause collateral damage to buildings and other properties.

Johnson said he would ‘willingly’ bring in one of the ‘biggest changes in our visa system in British history’ as an ‘alternative’ to Chinese repression?

The law, opposed by the UK, the EU, and the USA, is designed to curtail anti-government protests in the region, after the police in Hong Kong said they arrested more than 300 foreign supported riot protesters on Wednesday.

Johnson said the law breached the Sino-British Joint Declaration that the UK and China signed in 1984, but at the same time privileges in EU, UK and the USA have also been blocked by new Zionist rulings?

In retaliation, the government in London will offer five years of limited leave to remain to all Hong Kong citizens eligible to apply for a British national overseas passport and their dependents — some 3 million people, Johnson said.

After five years, they would be eligible to apply for settled status in the UK for another year, then they would be eligible for full British citizenship.

China has repsonded by telling Britain to “step back from the brink” and “stop interfering” in China’s affairs after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would offer 3 million people visa as an alternative to leave Hong Kong.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point NWO News 2020.

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02-07-20 16:56

Territory seized by Britain, was given back after hundreds of years of occupation?