After the recent Israeli attacks against Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, the Middle East has found itself in the midst of undeclared state of war.

Almost everyone in Lebanon appears to agree. “This time Israel went too far. In just two days, it bombed three countries,” we were told by a Indonesian UN soldier based in Beirut.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing tough elections at home, while his wife is on trial for fraud.

A bit of excitement during the evening news can only help his chances of regaining attention from his electorate. But we here have had enough; we are ready to fight for our countries.”

The entire region is dispersed, derailed and intertwined, after NATO and Israeli attacks, occupations and destabilization campaigns.

But ‘fighting for their countries’ could prove lethal, as Netanyahu threatened to attack Lebanon as a whole, if Hezbollah decides to retaliate.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and those long noses have no fear of using them against Christians and Arabs living in the region.

From now on, Beirut will face the Israeli drones when they enter the skies of Lebanon and they will work to bring them down. Netanyahu is running his hostile war campaigns with Israeli blood.

President of Lebanon Michel Aoun went even further, calling the drone attack against his country a “Declaration of War.

There is no doubt that Netanyahu, with his recent combat-drone incursions and bombings, has thrown the entire region into great and unexpected turmoil.

Israel has been regularly attacking Syria and bombing Palestine for decades. But Lebanon is a totally different story: only its airspace has been habitually violated by Israeli jets flying towards the Syrian targets.

Bombing Iraq is also clearly an escalation of Israel’s bellicose strategy. A bizarre escalation, considering that Iraq is still de facto a state occupied by Israel’s closest ally – the United States.

Everything that is Shi’ite – short of Iran itself (for now) – suddenly became a ‘legitimate target’ for Israel.

For many years, Shi’ite Islam has been synonymous with the ideological resistance to Western imperialism in the Middle East: Iran itself, several factions inside Iraq, and Hezbollah, among others.

Lebanon is one of the most ‘strategic’ countries in the Middle East and the most divided one. It is based on a ‘confessional’ system.

Its government is always at least ‘shaky,’ but often totally dysfunctional. Compared to its Israeli counterpart, its air force consists of toy aircraft, like converted Cessna’s.

There are hundreds of thousands of refugees in this tiny country, from all over the region: Palestinians, living in dangerous, overcrowded concentration camps with very little hope; Iraqi’s fleeing war and NATO occupation; and victims of the Syrian war.

The Lebanese government and the elites are profiting from the refugee crises, allegedly pocketing money from ‘foreign aid.’ Almost nothing is left for social services, or even for defense, let alone for the poor and the lower-middle class.

Hezbollah, on the contrary, is providing social services including food supplies, medical care and education to all people residing on Lebanese territory, regardless of race or religion.

Plus, it is fighting Israeli invasions, taking into its ranks all Lebanese citizens who want to join. It also fights terrorists in Syria. All this, of course, infuriates the United States, Israel and Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia.

Israel is using the fight against Hezbollah and against Iranian-allied positions to justify bombing various countries in the region. It keeps ‘uncovering new plots’ and carrying out ‘pre-emptive strikes’ with the full support of the US administration.

During the latest escalation, Israel reportedly conducted three drone strikes in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley on a base belonging to the secular, Marxist-Leninist, pro-Syrian group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is, predictably, an ally of Hezbollah.

In order to bomb targets inside Iraq, Israeli jets had to fly either over the territory of its former ally, Turkey, Jordan or over Saudi Arabia.

Is Israel trying to provoke several Arab countries of the Middle East into yet another war?

Or is this just another ‘humiliation’? Are Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad just going to count punches and remain idle? It seems that nobody really wants a nuclear war with Israel.

Are they going to quote, again and again, the UN resolutions, while Israel continuously bombs their cities and countryside, with total impunity and with the approval of the West?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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25-02-20 19:25

Lebanon has guts written all over them, shortly they will meet with the devil himself?