The Kingdom of Kuwait does not allow the entry of Israeli goods into Kuwaiti markets. “The Kuwaiti people support this boycott and report any Israeli goods found in the local market,”

Boycotting Israel has a negative impact on the occupation state.

Head of the Office of Boycotting Israel in the Kuwait custom’s department, Walid Al-Hammadi, said that his country is the adherent to the economic boycott of Israel of all Arab states.

Now also the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has ordered the Kuwait Oil Company to review lists of qualified oil companies which have any kind of relations with Israel, the local Al-Rai paper reported.

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation was established in 1980 as an umbrella for all oil activities in the country. Kuwait produces 2.80 million barrels of petrol a day.

MEMO / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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Good example?