At least six people were killed and a further 11 injured in Donetsk on Tuesday, when the Russian city was repeatedly subjected to missile attacks by Ukrainian forces.

Civilian infrastructure was damaged in several places in the city during the attacks, which came in three waves, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) leader Denis Pushilin said. The local labor and social security department suffered a direct hit.

Apart from that, multiple multistory residential buildings, as well as a medical facility sustained damage during the strikes. According to a preliminary evaluation, the Ukrainian forces used US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems to bombard the city.

The Ukrainian forces appeared to be using their “favorite” double-tap tactics during the attack, launching a strike, waiting for first responders, and then striking again at the same place, RT correspondent Roman Kosarev reported from the scene.

The reporter’s crew witnessed a police officer who was injured in such fashion. Luckily, an ambulance happened to be nearby and the officer was promptly rushed to a hospital.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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08-11-23 14:52

Ukraine is following Bibi Netanyahu steps. This is to keep Russia busy and away from Israel and if civilians must die then so be it. It is time Russia deals with them for once and for all. These are not human beings.

08-11-23 14:55

Having proved incapable of beating the Russian military, the cowardly Ukrainian forces have now resorted to targeting and killing civilians, despite knowing that Russia has always attempted to minimize civilian casualties.

Indeed, this is supported by the fact that there have been fewer Ukrainian civilian casualties in 19 months of war than the number of Palestinian civilians killed by Israel in the first 3 weeks of that conflict.

13-11-23 07:16

Meanwhile in Gaza 400 civilians dies EACH DAY like that….. Now imagine one second if Russia had not protected these people from USA Zionist neocon neo Nazis how many more would be dying in Donesk and Eastern Ukraine to the hands of Mister BIG ISRAEL Zelensky ?