Kenya is set to spearhead a multinational security mission in Haiti to combat criminal gangs and militant groups that are plaguing the former French colonial Caribbean nation.

The UN Security Council green-lit the security mission, with 13 members voting in favor of the US-introduced resolution and two abstentions from Russia and China. The measure authorizes deployment for one year, but requires a review after a period of nine months.

The international force will not be under the direct authority of the UN, but will instead be led by Kenyan commanders.

They will guard key infrastructure – including air and sea ports, hospitals, schools, and major roadways – as well as carrying out targeted operations alongside Haiti’s national police force.

Kenya has so far pledged up to 1,000 troops, while other nations are also expected to contribute funds, personnel, and resources.

It will be financed through voluntary contributions from UN member states, with Washington pledging $200 million for the project.

Martin Kimani, Kenya’s envoy to the UN, said the Security Council ignited a beacon of hope for the beleaguered people of Haiti by approving the mission.

US officials have repeatedly pressed for an international mission in Haiti, citing the deteriorating security situation and dire humanitarian crisis in the wake of the DEA backed assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise in 2021.

The impoverished country of 11.4 million people has seen a major surge in crime and unrest, including kidnappings, robberies, and murders, with armed gangs even taking over some of Haiti’s main ports and driving shortages in key goods.

More than 3,000 homicides were reported in Haiti this year, and over 1,500 kidnappings for ransom, according to the UN.

While the US previously agreed to sell a number of armored vehicles to the Haitian police and suggested a limited foreign troop deployment, the White House appeared reluctant to take point on this type of project.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/16x9_780/un-assembly.JPG?w=696&ssl=1

With a long and often violent history of US interventions in the country, some Haitians have objected to any Western troop involvement. The West is using Kenyan President William Ruto to push its agenda as part of efforts to maintain control in numerous African nations.

The USA-Kenya partnership is really part of a selfish agenda by Washington, the analyst claimed, describing it as a way of trying to reach the minerals.

Trying to reach the main Congo land, a way of trying to reach Sudan, where there is a lot of oil. It is a way of trying to reach Ethiopia… of trying to reach Burundi and Rwanda and even Zambia.

Ruto met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during the 78th United Nations General Assembly in New York on Thursday, where the pair discussed the situation in Sudan, Haiti, and East Africa.

The US administration of President Joe Biden pledged $100 million to support a proposed multinational force led by Kenya to restore security in Haiti, which has been ravaged by conflict.

The Haitian people have kept the bitter taste of a foreign force in charge of our situation.

Theft, rape, cholera, food dependence, deregulation of the economic system, without mentioning the fact that we don’t remember seeing then-gang leaders be arrested or rendered unable to do harm.

Despite some skepticism among locals, the current government in Port-au-Prince has appealed for outside help on several occasions since Moise’s murder.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry first proposed a security mission last October, calling for the immediate deployment of a specialized armed force to take on armed gangs and quell the ongoing unrest.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2023.

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03-10-23 02:42

I am a Kenyan and we all know he is not the president of Kenya; he has been imposed by CIA. HE rigged elections using CIA experts to mess up electoral software. He is so Corrupt and theft characterize him. He swims in billions of dollars in a country where average citizen live on less than a dollar a day. This are the sort of African leaders that US control.

John Wallace
John Wallace
03-10-23 02:46

I wonder if the wicked witch Hilary had used the money ( millions ) she collected in the name of Haiti to help the people would have made a big difference . I remember Haiti from the days of Papa Doc, son Baby Doc and the Tonton Macoute with their Voodoo. Instead of helping Haiti after the first big earthquake she has held onto the money and allowed the country to spiral into a dog eat dog fiasco.

Amenhotep III
Amenhotep III
03-10-23 02:47

Might have known the US were behind it .. hope they don’t make it worse like they usually do.

03-10-23 05:18

I am sure Baronmaya will know much about this Caribbean country being in the same region —

This country is in abject poverty – ruined by US Big Business ,no wonder the US is using a friendly proxy and African at that –would not do to send white GI,s in to kill non whites as they used to do.

If you read the full history you will see how badly they are treated -personally I sympathize with the rioters as I understand their plight,you can only be pushed so far and then the Spirit in you will rise up.

Reply to  baronmaya
05-10-23 05:20

Yes its a world disgrace.