Jordanian King Abdullah II says Amman will terminate parts of peace treaty which allowed Israeli farmers to use Jordanian land.

Jordan has told Israel that it intends to reclaim two tracts of territories remained in Israeli private ownership under a 1994 peace treaty.

As part of the agreement, Israel leased about 405 hectares of agricultural land in the southern sector of its border with Jordan called al-Ghumar, as well as the small al-Baqura area near the confluence of Jordan and Yarmouk rivers.

The areas are currently regulated through a “special regime” in the peace treaty where Israel recognizes Jordanian sovereignty with Israeli private land ownership.

The water-rich farmland territories currently cultivated by Israeli farmers, kept in Israeli hands for 25 years, with a 12-month notice period needed to prevent an automatic extension. The deadline for renewing the leases is Thursday, October 25.

After the 1994 agreement, Jordan became the second Arab country (after Egypt) to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. The deal helped Amman to pave the way for US economic and military assistance to the country.

However, nowadays the public sentiment in Jordan against Israel is strong because of its continued occupation of Palestinian territories and its treatment of Palestinians.

Al Jazeera / ABC Flash Point ME News 2018.


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Prins van Oranje
Prins van Oranje
08-09-20 10:03

The Zionist has proved time after time again that they are not to be trusted?