A 19-year-old Palestinian was killed in a raid by Jewish settlers on the village of Burqa, Palestinian state news agency WAFA reported Friday. He was killed during a clash between the settlers and Palestinian villagers.

The Palestinian Health Ministry announced that Qusai Jamal Maatan was shot dead by settlers who stormed the village, which is located east of Ramallah.

People attend the funeral of 19-year-old Qusay Jamal Matan, who killed by Israeli settlers in gun attack, in Burka village of Ramallah, West Bank on August 05, 2023. [Issam Rimawi - Anadolu Agency]

The settlers also brought animals with them to show that they wanted to establish a settlement by confiscating Palestinian land in the region?

In a message of condolence issued by the Palestinian resistance group Hamas on the occasion of the murder of the boy, it called on Palestinians to mobilize to counter the attacks of Jewish settlers.


The Palestinian Foreign Ministry also issued a statement condemning the armed and organized attacks carried out by settlers on innocent Palestinians in Burqa.

Since the beginning of this year, the West Bank has been witnessing frequent raids and attacks by Jewish settlers under the protection of Israeli forces.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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05-08-23 18:12

This has already been going on for over 75 years? But even these type of crimes against humanity is glorified by the Zionist controlled fake global media!

05-08-23 23:39

The so-called antisemitic newspaper Haaretz is always speaking about the occupation meaning the land that was taken from the Palestinians in 1967 but you consider the land that was taken from them in 1948 belongs to you. On what goddamn basis does it belong to you and you are a European people? There was no Zionist presence in Palestine before 1882 and when Zionism began, the stampede began. The Arabs removed the French, the British, the Italians, and the reason why you – who used to live in the ghettos of Eastern Europe – are still there is because America… Read more »

Reply to  Helen44Yemen
05-08-23 23:40

It’s an opinion piece. Some Jews overly identify with Palestinian victimhood. There is an Israeli political party called Meretz who has an overly sympathetic view of the palestinians. The party has very low support. Isn’t it nice to have some support from Jews whom you speak with such venom and hatred?